Turner new Cedar Point mayor

Due to the resignation of Mayor Greg Allen, Mary Turner, president of the council, was sworn in as Cedar Point?s new mayor at the Feb. 2 meeting of the Cedar Point City Council.

Those present were council members Orval Goodwin, Michael Jackson, Marjorie Van Sickle and Mary Turner, and city clerk, Louise Shumate.

Bruce was chosen to fill the empty council position and Jackson was elected council president.

Sharon Cahoone, county clerk, asked for permission to use the city building for upcoming elections.

The council gave Jackson permission to work with Gary Bruce, the newly state-certified city water operator, to look into a backup heat and power source for the well house. If the electricity goes off, the city is without heat or a water pump. Bruce will report his findings to the council.

The council also discussed the condition of the city streets and drainage problems. Problems with the streets have increased since the phone company buried its lines. It was reported that 84 tons of rock will be delivered for city streets.

Goodwin and Van Sickle provided the council with the history of where drainage had been done in previous years and about chronic drainage problems. The council members will work to find the best solutions for solving the drainage and street problems. They discussed talking to the phone company to put the streets back in the condition they were in prior to their work.

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