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This monthly column is intended to (1) inform you of what?s happening at Main Street Ministries; (2) highlight lives that have been touched by MSM; and (3) challenge you to make a difference in someone else?s life.

News ? During January, the food bank and clothing center was closed for repairs and renovations. We are laying tile around the building to resolve a longstanding water problem. Inside, renovations are making space more usable and efficient.

We had hoped to reopen by Feb. 1, but the work has gone more slowly than anticipated. We expect to be back to normal later this month.

People ? A Hillsboro family, typical in most respects, had an ongoing problem: the husband kept a pet ?dragon.? Year after painful year, the family would tiptoe around the dung heaps. When company would come, the dragon would be stuffed in the closet and the scorched walls whitewashed.

But at the most inopportune moments, the cunning dragon would come crashing through the door and attempts at normalcy would come to a screeching halt.

Finally, it dawned on the wife that the house was just too crowded; priceless lives were turning to ashes. At this point, she and her children were led to MSM, where their burns could begin to heal. God was able to use the staff in this ?dragon-free? facility to restore sanity.

After some time, the husband, with his body charred, decided that a family would be better than a dangerous pet. Eventually, the family was reunited and is very grateful that MSM was in place to assist in restoration.

Challenge ? It?s possible that many homes, even in Hillsboro, are hiding places for dangerous pets. Maybe if we observe things that seem odd?something is ?amiss?? rather than pass judgment, we can say, ?I care. Can I help?? Jesus has showered his love upon us. Let?s do the same for others. You never know how much it might be needed.

Main Street World is submitted by members of the MSM staff.

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