Council Recap

The following is a summary of the issues discussed and decisions made at the Feb. 1 regular meeting of the Hillsboro City Council. Those present were Mayor Delores Dalke, and council members Leonard Coryea, Wendell Dirks, Mike Padgett and Clariece Schroeder. The council:

— heard the annual fire report. Incidences included 18 rural and three mutual aid responses. The estimated dollar loss was $23,125, which Fire Chief Wayne Lowry said was low. The department also lost two fire fighters and gained two new ones last year.

— heard that David Funk is a tentative replacement for Randy Brazil?s position with the police department. Funk also has expressed interest in working with the DARE program.

— approved an ordinance changing the time of city council meetings from 6 p.m. to 4 p.m.

— heard a report that the attorney and Onsite have come to an agreement on the substation contract. It will be signed after council members have read it. The council also wants to know from Western Resources what they will be contributing and the cost.

— saw the outcomes of the Kansas Department of Health and Environment?s inspections of the water and wastewater treatment facilities. The results were favorable and KDHE told the department about some inadequacies to work on.

— looked at departmental priority lists and compared what had been completed last year. Dalke said she did not see where much had been completed. City Superintendent Johnnie Liles said his department needed to do more planning and develop a one-year or five-year plan.

— was presented with a drawing of the land at the water plant from the engineer. The land will be surveyed next week and the perimeter staked. The engineer is getting clarification on the electrical plant.

— scheduled a bid-letting date for the entrance into Industrial Park as Feb. 18.

— approved taking the money out of bond proceeds for Hillsboro Community Medical Center to pay for the attorney?s bill for looking at the paperwork.

— discussed residential property on the North Main. The council will start the proper paperwork to set a deadline for the property to be cleaned up. If it is not completed by the given date, the city will clean it up and bill the owners.

— was told County Health Officer David Brazil has 15 properties in Hillsboro to begin working with once complaints are signed.

— discussed a complaint about discrimination regarding businesses on residential properties. A list will be made of all ?backyard? businesses. Dalke said she only knew of one home occupancy that has filed the proper paperwork and was given a permit.

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