City Council Recap

Following is a summary of the issues discussed and decisions made at the Jan. 18 regular meeting of the Hillsboro City Council. Those present were Mayor Delores Dalke and council members Leonard Coryea, Wendell Dirks, Mike Padgett and Clariece Schroeder. The council:

— recessed into a public hearing regarding Rural Development Association funding for water plant upgrades. Currently, council members have two options for funding: money from the RDA, which may be increased from $300,000 to $450,000; or a revolving fund. With no further comments, the council went back into session.

— accepted the low bid from Country Club Bank in Kansas City, Mo., for bonds for the water plant project. The council also approved an ordinance and resolution for the issuance of the trafficway bonds.

— approved several board appointments. Joel Klaassen, Peni Ens and Peggy Goertzen were reappointed, and Julian McCarty and Scott Russell were appointed, to the Convention & Visitors Bureau. The council also reappointed Virginia Martens and appointed Ray Franz and Krista Heinrichs to the Planning Commission.

— set an economic development grant hearing for 11:30 a.m., Jan. 27.

n heard a report on the substation. Numerous changes were made in the contract, but none were substantial. One change was that the dates were moved back one month. Partial completion will be in July with final completion in August. The council is still waiting on a final plan and contracts.

— clarified that the city is to pay for surveys for property boundaries at Hillsboro Heights.

— heard from Johnnie Liles, city superintendent, that the lagoons at the water plant are going to be cleaned and the solids contact basin has been cleaned and is in better condition than expected.

— heard from Bob Privetera, city engineer, that some errors were found when putting together the maps for the area for the water and electrical plants. The highway entrance into the industrial park is ready to go to bids. It needs to be completed by May 1.

— approved paying the engineer?s bill for staking out the road for Brad Wodke in front of his lot in the industrial park.

— heard from Police Chief Dan Kinning that he has been looking for ways to reduce the budget and found a lot of money was being spent on uniforms. (See story, Page 1.) Kinning informed the council of Officer Randal Brazil?s resignation from the Hillsboro Police Department.

— discussed starting council meetings at 4 p.m. An ordinance will be presented at the next meeting.

— authorized Johnnie Liles to pursue a grant for improving the airport.

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