LETTERS: ?Resounding no? to county recycling plan

My response to you question, ?Do you favor the tax-based county-wide recycling plan proposed by the county commission?? is a resounding no.

I suggest that in addition to asking voters? response via your Web site, that you also include mail-in, fax and telephone votes in your tally. Possibly even walk-in votes.

Your instruction only to vote via the Web site seems to restrict or limit your readers? response.

I enjoy your publication very much and wish you success with it.

Editor?s note: We?re certainly willing to give Mr. Maxwell?s suggestion a try. From now on, if you don?t have Internet access, we invite you to cast your vote by mail, fax, telephone and even walk-in to the questions in our ?We?re Asking? feature. See the bottom of page 4 for ways to contact us.

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