JASON Project to probe exploration

This nine weeks the Hillsboro Middle School eighth-grade science class will be working with the JASON Project. JASON XI will compare NASA?s International Space Station (ISS), NOAA?s Aquarius Underwater Laboratory, and the school?s own environment.

The JASON Project began in 1989 when Kansas-born Robert Ballard received many responses and questions about his discovery of the wreck of the Titanic in 1985. Ballard realized school children were interested in science, so his team of scientists and educators integrated history, geography and math into a science curriculum.

This is the first experience HMS has had with the JASON Project. During the course, students will study explorers of the past and present, why humans explore, what is meant by extreme environments and how explorers cope with those extremes.

The class will incorporate videotapes, maps, hands-on inquiry, the JASON Project interactive Web site, Geographic Information System and satellite broadcasts.

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