Partly Nonsense

Egad! We had icicles on our icicles on our house this past week. I meant to take down our Christmas icicle lights on the front porch during New Year?s weekend when it was so nice outside, but I didn?t get it done. (I?ve always wanted to use the word ?egad?).


I learned you can write the year 2000 as 2K as well as MM.


Since I have an appointment with the dentist this week, I thought about the time I had a loose tooth as a kid. I wanted it out for the money I would get if I put it under my pillow.

I don?t know if anyone else has tried tying a string around a loose tooth, tied the string to a door knob, and then slammed the door.

I remember getting everything rigged up, closing my eyes and giving the door a big shove.

The tooth wasn?t ready and the string broke!


I?m wondering if anyone can tell me where the phrase ?Is it further to Lehigh or by bus? came from.


You may have noticed that we have started running photos with our obituaries in the Free Press. We have done this at no charge as a public service.

I find it helpful to see who the person was who died.

The Wichita Eagle recently began printing photos of the deceased, too. Out of curiosity, I called them to see if there was a charge. The answer: $25.


I had a brainstorm the other day. Since our kids live about as far away as they can get in the continental United States, Nancy and I should get jobs with Delta and Northwest Airlines.

Then it would be easy to get to Atlanta and Seattle and see them more often. But, maybe those perks have been eliminated by now.


Did you hear about the guy who ended up in the emergency room?

He was speed reading and hit a bookmark.


There was hardly a rise out of the crowd at Friday night?s Hillsboro-Haven game when it was announced that Tyson Ratzlaff had just broken the career record for steals.

I, for one, did not react because I couldn?t hear it. The PA system in Brown Gymnasium has never been easy to understand. With tight budgets, it?s probably not a priority to improve it, either.

And, speaking of little reaction, it seems that our teams win so much, and it is so expected, that when they do win we don?t even get excited anymore. Or am I the only one who has that impression?

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