Fair a great event for all ages

The 81st Marion County Fair is in the books and I believe I can safely say it was one of the hottest ever. The early fairs were in October, so those years wouldn’t have come close to this one.

The temperature on the bank was 109 degrees when the parade kicked off Wednesday and really never let go until Friday, when it rained about an inch. If you missed seeing the parade in person you can see it on our website under “Breaking News” at hillsborofreepress.com.

The Friday rain and cool-down was perfect for the carnival later that night. It had to be worth lots of cash for the carnival and I’m glad for that. According to our grandsons, it was a great one, and by the number of times they rode the Zipper, we determined the ticket for the wristbands purchased before the fair was one of the best bargains to hit town.

The demo derby was jam-packed full of action, too. Plus, the fireworks show before the championship heat was probably one of the best I’ve seen. The more booms the better, and the non-stop blasting was a definite crowd pleaser.

We went over our list of things to do for the two weeks the boys were here and found that only one thing on the list didn’t get done. That was baking cookies. Frankly, it was just too hot to turn on the oven.

By the time this hits the streets, the boys and Amy will be back home again. Before they left we started the list for next year and it already has five items on it. Included on the list was hiding a geo cache next time instead of just finding them.

Through Facebook and texting I learned that Alex’s friends were a bit jealous of all of the activity the boys got to do while in Kansas.

I could tell from the way parents and grandparents were shepherding the youngsters around at the fair that everyone was having a great time. It was a special event for all ages.

I used to go on rides with the kids, but not since I went on a tilt-a-whirl some years ago and got nauseated, dizzy and couldn’t walk straight for three days.

Someone said the cutoff for rides was about 40 years of age.

The wristbands were a great hit. I was told that more than 1,100 were sold in advance, which also means a good sum of money is going to the local 4-H clubs and the FFA.

The poll question at our fair booth was a totally unscientific poll and it read: “Do you favor a balanced budget amendment to the U.S. Constitution?”

The results were overwhelmingly in favor.

When the boys and I went geocaching, and on a road trip we all took to Greensburg two weekends ago, we saw lots of wildlife such as a beaver, squirrels, prairie chickens, wild turkeys (we think we saw the same bunch twice), deer, turkey buzzards and a bobcat.

Actually the bobcat was a stuffed one on the wall at the Burns Cafe and Bakery.

It was a blistering pace for the past two weeks. I am hoping to recover within a week or two or three. We’re glad our boys want to stay with us, which may not be the case in a couple of years, and we’re not getting any younger, either.

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