Better late than never for tickets

It’s May already. Where has the time gone? The All-School Reunion Banquet scheduled for May 23 is less than three weeks away. As embarrassing as it is to admit, I haven’t bought our tickets yet. Since we had an early deadline this time and I missed it, my tickets will be $2.50 higher—but a small price to pay for the fun we’ll enjoy.


I’ll never forget how ready I was for high school to be over 45 years ago. Wish I knew then what I know now.

Cancel that. It’s best to not know much starting out or one might be too conservative.


Next month it will be 50 years since I began working in the newspaper and printing business. It helps to have a classmate whose parents own the local newspaper, which was the case for me.

It was after my seventh-grade year that I went to work at the paper and became what’s known as a printer’s devil. That meant doing all of the jobs that the older, more experienced printers were above doing. Now look what has happened to me a half century later.


I now have the utmost respect for those who are in the food services industry. A few weeks back, out of the blue, Marisa at Little Pleasures asked me if I would be a guest chef sometime and make Russian pancakes during breakfast serving time from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. I figured it would add variety to my life so agreed to do it.

What I found out is that there is a lot more pressure in making batch after batch of those little crepes than just a few of them for family at home. It’s a whole different view from the other side of the range. I’m glad for the experience and, who knows, I just may do it again.


We retired Dick Varenhorst from his duties with the Free Press and Buyer’s Edge last Friday and are pleased to have replaced him with Dale Vogel, who is in the early stages of entering the work world after a brief sales experience in south Texas with Denver Mattress. Dale tells us he is happy to be back home.

Dick was active in the Marion community for many years and his efforts were helpful. I’m sure he’ll still have his community’s best interest at heart. Dick, I hope the fish are biting.

We’re happy Dale has chosen us to make his mark in sales here and will be representing us in eastern Marion County and in McPherson County.


In the money-doesn’t-buy-happiness category….

I read recently that at opening day at the new $1.5 billion Yankee Stadium its $161 million pitcher lost the game and the fans were booing and leaving by the seventh inning.

Then recently I saw where some of the $2,500 tickets, which are close to the field, have been reduced to $1,250 just to get people to come to the games.


Many of you may have heard of the MagicJack, which is a telephone jack that plugs into your USB port on your computer. For less than $50 you then have free local and long-distance phone service for a whole year through your high-speed Internet connection.

Thinking this would be a way to eliminate all of the taxes and fees, I bought one. When it arrived, I learned it only works with a PC or an Intel Mac. My laptop isn’t Intel so I have to decide: Get an Intel Mac or give it to someone who does.

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