Letters (Week of April 2, 2008)

Watch out for NAFTA ‘super highway’


Someone had an article about his dislike of Daylight Saving Time in the Free Press. I have to write about something that will destroy our United States of America and also destroy our beloved Kansas. Every day I see people walking around town as though they do not know the danger.

Construction is now underway in Texas on a massive “North American Free Trade NAFTA Super-highway” that will eventually spider-web foreign-owned toll roads across Mexico, the United States and Canada.

Homes, ranches and farms throughout Texas are subject to the 90-day quick-take provision of the state’s harsh and unfair “eminent domain” law to make way for this globalist monstrosity.

This is all a master plan to absorb the United States into a single North American Union (NAU) with borders, Canada and Mexico to form a single politcal and economic bloc just like the Socialist European Union.

The Super Highway would be four football fields wide and branches would spider-web across Kansas. A Spanish company is doing the building scene. Chinese products will be loaded in southern Mexico and trucks will carry it along the highway. A station would be established at Kansas City and Mexico would manage it.

Are we “the land of the free and the home of the brave?”

Mildred Karnowski

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