Letters (Mar. 16, 2011)

Wrong Wright linked to mayor’s race


I heard a funny story last week that some people believed I am running for mayor. This is not so.

Doug and I (formerly Hills­boro’s Chrysler dealer) appreciate all the years Delores Dalke has worked as mayor to help Hillsboro, and especially our business community.

We hope Hillsboro will vote for her again.

Dana Wright



Execute more often and more quickly


We again see “bleating hearts” plead mercy for the criminal facing the consequences of his or her capital crime (Letters, March 9). But not one word for the victim that also pleaded “mercy.” Then suddenly the words change to how much money we could save abolishing capital punishment. Seems mercy for the criminal is not the motive at all, it’s money.

We see it takes sometimes 10 years before execution, and costs during this time are for lawyers and judges extravagant fees for the constant parade of appeals, and this is nuts.

However, compare that to the cost of feeding, housing and health care for the next 40 to 50 years, all the while the lawyers and judges still continue the appeals. When properly applied, capital punishment is a savings and deterrent to further crime.

Let us look at the biblical instruction for proper use of capital punishment: “When the sentence for a crime is not quickly carried out, the hearts of the people are filled with schemes to do wrong” (Ecclesi­astes 8:11).

See the word “quickly.” When the sentence is death, seven days to see visitors and make peace with God. Then execution. You now see, people, capital punishment has not been as effective as it could be because we do not use it often enough and soon enough.

Looks like the Bible has the best way after all. It always does.

Anton Epp



Library will use grant for Internet users


The staff and board of trustees of Hillsboro Public Library would like to thank the Hillsboro Community Founda­tion Board of Directors and its donors for the recent gift of $500.

The money will be used toward the purchase of new public Internet computers and additional memory for existing public machines. The library has an average of 18 users per day on the four machines currently available to the public. The newest of these machines is 7 years old.

It is necessary to upgrade them in order to provide reliable computers for patrons needing to complete resumes, job applications and file taxes. Our computers are also used for patrons to keep in touch with family members. Our services are free of charge.

We are very grateful for this gift which will be used wisely. Thank you once again.

Cathleen Fish

Library director

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