Letters (June 16, 2010)

Evaluate how issues will affect county


I received two phone calls this week from a group doing a telephone poll. The group used initials as their title with letter C being the first letter. When I asked the first caller to explain what the initials meant, he hung up.

The second time I participated in the survey. The questions were very leading and slanted to one viewpoint. They didn’t encourage opposing ideas. They were negative about the sales tax increase and Rep. Brookens.

I’m hoping your newspaper can provide information for your readers about this group and how the poll is funded.

I’d like to respond to the letter from the president of the state Chamber of Commerce published earlier in local papers. He’s an advocate for the larger cities, not our rural counties. Very few Marion County people will drive across the state border to save sales tax costs. The cost to do that would erase the savings.

Kansas Farm Bureau says in its May 28 newsletter, “In advocating for public policy, sometimes the biggest victories come not from the enactment of new good laws, but in preventing the enactment of new bad laws.”

The one-cent sales tax is favorable to Marion County for our school districts, property owners, nursing homes, businesses that pay property tax, and farm-related businesses along with the farmers.

Our property taxes would have increased without the sales tax. Farmers could have lost the current sales and property tax exemptions on farm machinery. Cuts in funding for schools and nursing homes would have led to lost jobs.

When you vote in the primary and general elections, consider carefully how issues will affect Marion County.

Carole Spohn


Be alert to scam on Medicare rebate


Last Thursday, Medicare started sending out a one-time $250 rebate check to individuals who have hit the “donut hole” with their Medicare Part D Prescription drug plan.

The individuals who hit the donut hole do not need to do anything to receive this rebate. They don’t have to provide any personal information, such as their Medicare, Social Security or bank account numbers, to get the rebate check.

Once the individual reaches the threshold with Medicare, the rebate will be issued automatically.

A common scam related to the $250 donut hole rebate checks was for perpetrators to convince seniors the rebate check needed to be transferred to a third party or used to cover specific prescription drug payments.

If you have any other questions about the rebate check, please feel call the Marion County Department on Aging at 620-382-3580.

Gayla Ratzlaff, coordinator

Marion County Dept. on Aging



Blood drive drew 52 donors on May 27


Thank-you to everyone who participated in the American Red Cross Blood Drive on May 27 in Hillsboro. There were 52 people who came in to share their life-giving blood. We can feel proud we did our civic duty and helped to ensure lifesaving blood is available for hospital patients in need.

As a blood donor or volunteer, each of you has helped the Red cross fulfill its mission to assure a safe and ample blood supply/ Hospital patients rely on us and we delivered.

We hope you will all look forward to saving more lives at our next blood drive on July 27. If you would like to help, please call one of us. For more information about blood donation and the need for blood, call 1-800-GIVE-LIFE or visit redcrossblood.org.

Gladys Funk, 877-7267

Shirley Kasper, 947-5719

Hillsboro coordinators


Thanks to Trojan softball participants


The Hillsboro Trojans, coach Stephanie Sinclair, assistant coach Jill Hein and managers Elise and Emma Heyen need to be commended on their perseverance and steadfastness regarding the quality of sportsmanship and showmanship:

For their attitude and faithful capabilities in pursuing their dream of winning state.

For striving to overcome each barrier with aptitude and ability.

For keeping spirits high through cheering, uplifting and encouraging each other on. We’re proud of you even though you didn’t win; you tried and never backed down. And to the parents for their tremendous camaraderie and consistent support for each girl and the team as a whole.

Also to Superintendent Steve Noble, Principal Max Heinrichs, Activities Director Robert Rempel—thank you for keeping girls’ softball on the Hillsboro sports list and keeping things in proper order.

Leon and Karen Nikkel


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