Letters (Feb. 6, 2013)

Bill would undermine

First Ammendment


A group of cowards were told to take their name badges off and slink onto the floor of the Kansas House of Representa­tives through the back stairs. Why? The fear was there would be an angry mob of teachers confronting them to show their disapproval.

But there were few present to represent the union cause because the teachers were in their classrooms teaching the children, just like the teachers in Connecticut who gave up their lives for the children in their care.

House Bill 2023 restricts how public employee union payroll deductions can be used. This includes state workers, teachers, police and firefighters. Kansas does not require union membership and dues dollars do not go directly to political candidates.

However, this does not apply to private industry’s political action campaign groups (PACS), who contribute unrestricted dollars directly to political candidates. The Kansas Chamber of Commerce lobbyist Eric Stafford went so far as to publicly state, “I need you to pass this bill so we can get rid of public sector unions.”

The vote was 68-56 with 22 Republicans and all Democrats voting against the bill. Of the 68 who voted in favor of this First Amendment restriction, 21 are in this region of the state. Representatives Don Schroeder-Hesston, Marc Rhoades-Newton, and Gene Sullentrop-Wichita are three who voted against state employees, teachers, firefighters and police.

This bill will now move to the Senate for discussion. Please contact your senators immediately and urge them to vote “No” on HB 2023.

Shelley Dunham, Council Grove

Beth Vannatta, Halstead

Louise Smith, Hesston











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