Letters (Dec. 8, 2010)

Blood drive drew 12 donors Nov. 22


It is great to think of all of the lives that will be touched by the blood donations given at the American Red Cross blood drive Nov. 22 in Hillsboro. We had 13 people who came in to donate.

I hope each person who bravely donated to help save a life will share this positive experience with someone who has never donated before. The No. 1 reason people do not give is because they are not asked.

Blood shortages are increasingly common as many people who were more regular blood donors are now in need of medical treatments that require blood. We need more people to donate blood as a routine community responsibility. Donating blood is safe and easy, and yet is so very vital.

Thank-you to all who made ouo last blood drive a success—all of the wonderful volunteer blood donors and commun­ity volunteers who make the blood drive run so smoothly.

Our next Red Cross blood drive is scheduled for Jan. 31 at the high school

Gladys Funk

Shirley Kasper

Hillsboro co-chairs

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