County officials sworn in Monday

Tina Spencer was sworn in as county clerk to succeed Carol Maggard by District Court Judge Michael Powers Monday before onlookers in the courtroom.

Spencer is the only newly-elected county official among a group of re-elected incumbents that were sworn in prior to the regular meeting of the Marion County Board of Commissioners.

The incumbents included Commissioner Dan Holub, Commissioner Randy Dallke, Sheriff Rob Craft, County Attorney Susan Robson, County Treasurer Jeannine Bateman and Register of Deeds Jo Ottensmeier.

Dallke succeeded Holub for a one-year term as commission chairman with Commissioner Roger Fleming as vice-president.

The commissioners again named the Marion County Record as the county’s legal publication with publication also in the Hillsboro Free Press for broader readership. But Holub advised that the county study saving money by briefer publication with referral to web site to read in total.

Later in the meeting, in discussion with Recycling and Transfer Station Director Rollin Schmidt, Fleming said he doesn’t think the county should supply smaller communities with more recycling Dumpsters because larger cities, like Hillsboro, that have city programs in effect are charged for their own programs plus helping pay for the county-wide program.

Fleming said it’s not right for the commission to ask any taxpayer “to pay for mine and yours both.”

“I don’t know without further study that as a county we can continue paying for recycling,” he said.

Holub and Schmidt agreed that the Dumpster situation needs to be explored.

Schmidt said a spring broke last week on a county semitrailer taking waste to the landfill, but it was fortunate the mishap occurred before it had reached U.S. Highway 77 so county road and bridge mechanics could bring it to their shop for repair.

He said road and bridge advised that heavy use and rust deterioration had brought the trailer to the point of replacement.

The commissioners authorized Schmidt to look for a replacement.

The commissioners also authorized Road and Bridge Director Randy Crawford and Shop Foreman Tom Holub to purchase a 2002 Ford 550 service truck with crane, welder and air compressor for $30,000 from Smith Oil and Gas in Ulysses.

They approved a road and bridge bid for 184 culverts of varying sizes for $81,648.36 from Welborn Sales, Inc., of Salina over competitive bids of $107,976.10 from The Railroad Yard, Inc., of Stillwater, Okla., and $91,855.14 from J&J Drainage Products Co. of Hutchinson.

The commissioners were notified that the Marion City Police Department has agreed to provide the county with juvenile intake space at no charge.

The commissioners agreed to let Robson send $674.99 with Elkhorn Service to allow electric heater hookups by rewiring a hookup in her office for supplemental heat.

Robson said the courthouse heating system is inadequate at allowing warm air flow to her rooms.

The commissioners met with her for 10 minutes in executive session for attorney-client privilege plus an additional five minutes for non-elected personnel.

The commissioners approved a $119,082 pictometry upgrade with $4,500 down this year. County Appraiser Cindy Magill said the upgrade is needed in multiple departments, with perhaps most urgent need from law enforcement.

They also approved a $1,995 Orien upgrade for viewing interiors of public buildings with probable $1,200 maintenance annually that Magill will pay from the appraiser budget.

The commissioners met with Magill five minutes for personnel in executive session.

They approved Department of Aging Director Gayla Ratzlaff spending $899.00 with Wright Auto of Hillsboro for replacement of head gaskets and related repairs over competitive bids with varying related services from Leith Service and Webster Auto, both of Marion.























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