Contested races clarified in township, precinct election

The story in the July 4 issues of the Free Press about individuals who have filed for township offices and precinct com­mittee member positions was not clear about the number of contested races that will result for the Aug. 7 primary election.

For township offices, candidates can declare their affiliation to either the Republican or Demo­cratic parties, which are the two major parties in Kansas.

If two or more people file for the same position on either the Republican or Democratic ballot, the primary election decides which candidate moves on to the Nov. 6 general election ballot.

The general election ballot, then, will include the primary winners from the two major parties, plus candidates who claim affiliation with a different party, or are running as independents. Voters will choose from that list.

Meanwhile, in precinct elections, each of the two major parties select one female candidate and one male candidate to represent them as members of the party residing in each precinct in the county. Marion County has 31 precincts.

The only way to have a contested race for a precinct committee member in the primary election is if more than one man or one woman file from the same party in the same precinct.

Primary-election winners do not appear on the general election ballot.

With that clarification, here are the candidates who have filed for township offices (trustee or treasurer) and precinct committees.

Township offices

No one filed for either trustee or treasurer in Clear Creek, Colfax, Grant, Lehigh, Lost Springs, Milton, Moore, Peabody East, Peabody West, Risley, Summit and Wilson townships.

The following people filed for positions in the other townships.

• Blaine: Thomas E. Duggan (D), Tampa, filed for trustee; no one filed for treasurer.

• Catlin: Graeme Glaser (R), Peabody, filed for trustee; Diane Glaser (R), Peabody, filed for treasurer.

• Centre: Jon W. Thole (R), Marion, filed for trustee; no one filed for treasurer.

• Clark: no one filed for trustee, but Melissa Stuchlik (R), Marion, filed for treasurer.

• Doyle: Jeff Inlow (R), Florence, filed for trustee; Kathy L. Inlow (R), Florence, filed for treasurer.

• Durham Park: Gordon Christiansen (R), Durham, filed for trustee; Robert L. Unruh (D), Durham, filed for treasurer.

• East Branch: Evan Yoder (R), Peabody, filed for trustee; no one filed for treasurer.

• Fairplay: Charles DeForest (R), Florence, filed for trustee; Clifford Jay Hett (R), Peabody, filed for treasurer.

• Gale: No one filed for trustee; Marvin E. Mei­singer (R), Marion, filed for treasurer.

• Liberty: Clark Wiebe (R), Hillsboro, filed for trustee; no one filed for treasurer.

• Logan: Ronald E. Unruh (R), Durham, filed for trustee; Lane K. Dyck (R), Tampa, filed for treasurer.

• Menno: Carol L. Duerksen (R), Hillsboro, filed for trustee; no one filed for treasurer.

• West Branch: Verney L. Voth (R), Newton, filed for trustee; Dwight R. Schmidt, Newton (R), filed for treasurer.

Precinct committees

No one filed for committeeman or committeewoman for either party in Catlin, Clark, Colfax, Doyle, Durham Park, East Branch, Fairplay, Gale, Lehigh, Lost Springs, Marion South, Menno, Milton, Moore, Summit, Florence Ward I and Florence Ward II precincts.

The following people filed for positions in the other precincts.

• Blaine: For Democrats, Thomas E. Duggan, Tampa, filed for committeeman, and Dolores Duggan, Tampa, filed for committeewoman.

• Center: For Democrats, Mar­lene Sue Clough, Marion, filed for committee woman; for Republicans, Greg Davidson, Marion, filed for committeeman, and Rose Davidson, Marion, filed for committeewoman.

• Clear Creek: For Repub­li­cans, Carole Sklenar, Marion, filed for committeewoman; for the Democrats, Linda D. Peter­son, Burdick, filed for committeewoman, and Dan R. Peterson, Burdick, filed for committeeman.

• Grant: For Democrats, Howard Collett, Marion, filed for committeeman, and Beth Collett, Marion, filed for committeewoman; for Republi­cans, Jerry Makovec, Marion, filed for committeeman, and Faye A. Mako­vec, Marion, filed for commit­tee­­woman.

• Hillsboro Ward I: For Republicans, Cherry Miller filed for committeewoman.

• Hillsboro Ward II: For Democrats, Walter E. Norman filed for committeeman, and Betty Norman filed for committeewoman.

• Logan: For Democrats, Tammy A. Ware, Tampa, filed for committeewoman.

• Liberty: For Democrats, Willis Ensz, Hillsboro, filed for committeeman, and Marilyn R. Ensz, Hillsboro, filed for committeewoman; for Republicans, Russell P. Groves, Hillsboro, filed for committeeman, and CleoBeth Friesen and Jeanne D. Groves, both of Hills­boro, filed for committeewoman.

• Marion North: For Repub­li­cans, Danny Maddox and Todd Heitschmidt filed for committeeman; for Democrats, Janet Bryant filed for committeewoman.

• Peabody East: For Republi­cans, Tina D. Spencer, Peabody, filed for committeewoman.

• Peabody West: For Demo­crats, Marilyn K. Cox, Peabody, filed for committeewoman.

• Risley: For Democrats, Michael Brandt, Hillsboro, filed for committeeman.

• West Branch: For Demo­crats, Ronald W. Hatchett, Goessel, filed for committeeman, and Marnette Hatchett, Goessel, filed for committeewoman.

• Wilson: For Democrats, Colleen Hajek, Marion, filed for committeewoman.

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